Saturday, September 30, 2006

a little question or two

Hello everyone - Bonne Marie here -

I thought it would be fun to share some of the questions people have emailed me with about the Ariann Pattern.

First Up - from Lauren: " How exactly is the buttonhole worked?"

My all time favorite Buttonhole is one I found here:

I use the directions for Buttonhole #4.

This is a one -row operation and has beautiful, smoothly bound-off edges, both top and bottom. I work, for the gauge of Ariann, a 3 stitch buttonhole.

Note: Since the buttonband is knit-as-you-go, these are worked every few inches. I mark the row of the last worked buttonhole and count rows up as I work to know where the next one goes. For instance, if I'm making a buttonhole every 4 inches, that's (according to gauge of 6 rows per inch) - 4 inches times 6 rows = a buttonhole every 24 rows. Be sure to adjust if your row gauge is different.

Steph writes: "Hi Bonne Marie, I am having problem printing the pattern.The first page prints perfect, the second page prints only the graphic chart..."

A couple of people have written me about this - the version of Acrobat Reader on your computer might be making the mischief!

If you go here:
you can update your version of Acobe Acrobat Reader for free and the issues should disappear.


Blogger Robin said...

Thanks for the info on the buttonholes, Bonne Marie. For CeCe I used the directions we got at last year's Stitches class "10 Things that Make or Break a Sweater" but I think I will check out the link you provided to see if it is a little easier to follow.

12:40 PM  

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