Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not the speediest knitter....

I am not as far along on this project as some of the other folks (plugging along on a sleeve...thanks to everyone who posted sleeve advice here--I did check it out before starting). I really love this project. I had a rough start (which had more to do with an active puppy looking for attention while I was knitting than anything else). Once I got the rhythm of the pattern down, I have to say, it was easy, relaxing and I just adore the results. I tend to go for things that are more basic (the color choice on the sweater is probably a good indicator), and I haven't made anything not basic for myself (like 2X2 ribbed socks or a stockinette or ribbed raglan sweater/cardigan). I am looking forward to the holiday so that I can finish this in time to wear it on my birthday in early December...apologies for the flashy picture--was in a hurry this morning.


Blogger margene said...

I'm at about the same spot you are. Just started my first sleeve and would love to give it more time. Ariann is going to be a great sweater! Love the color you're using.

4:43 PM  

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