Sunday, November 26, 2006

Guerilla Photography--Ariann Style

What to do on a last-day-of-vacation Sunday? You grab the digital camera that was loaned to you to take pictures for a website, you take those pictures...then you go to town, running around the apartment grabbing snaps of stuff you've been scanning because you don't have a digital cam of your own. Fun!
The first thing I photographed was my sister's Ariann. I'm a few rows away from the neck shaping. Actually, I was about 12 rows into the neck shaping when I noticed that I didn't do the final buttonhole. Doh!!
So I spent yesterday afternoon and a couple of DVDs (Serenity and Kill Bill Vol. 1) unknitting, stopping when it got too dark and I got too tired to continue.
This morning I unknitted the last row while listening to Harry Shearer's Le Show (bless the internet and streaming radio), then did the button hole and am knitting a few rows before re-starting the neck shaping.
Sorry about the bunched-upiness.
I can't wait to finish and block this bad girl...and start my own version.


Blogger Bonne Marie said...

That is SO YUMMY! That color is so fabulous -

I am also totally psyched that you were knitting this while watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 (a favorite of mine).

When I watch an Action Flick, I knit really fast!

4:55 PM  
Blogger TllGurl said...

Because I took the picture with natural light through the window combined with the camera's flash, the colour got boosted a bit. It's a bit of a darker, richer purple.
It would be a colour I'd pick if I was knitting for myself, for sure.
And, oh yes, I'm a big movie/TV knitter.
In addition to KIP, we should also have KWW: Knitting While Watching?

5:51 AM  

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