Monday, January 15, 2007

Underside Exposure

Well, since we are exposing our underside, I will show you mine. I knit them a little different than how Lisa chose to knit hers. Ignore the sleeve on the left - it is ugly and I have since frogged it. On the right-hand sleeve you can see I put in more eyelet than Lisa's. I didn't leave any knit stitches right up the center. Once I had six stitches on either side of the BOR I put in half of the eyelet pattern. Really though it is the WHOLE eyelet pattern, the other half is just at the end of the round. Beginning of round is between the SSK and the K2tog.

These sleeves have been the hardest thing for me! I have never done sleeves with an eyelet pattern, and I struggle with ribbed sleeves so this was quite a stretch for my somewhat inflexible brain. :)

I have really enjoyed reading about everyone's Ariann knitting. It has made my Ariann more successful. Thanks to everyone for posting and sharing your experiences about knitting this great pattern.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holly Jo - so funny that after all of our emails back and forth about the sleeves, that it turns out that we did exactly the same thing. I guess that's what comes out of (me) trying to describe things after a LONG day with the kids!

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