Friday, February 23, 2007

gray mule-spun yarn & buttonholes

Last weekend I swatched and cast on for Ariann using Beaverslide yarn in color Cottontail.

After working on it throughout the week, I’m ready to knit the first one row buttonhole. This is my first cardigan and I’ve only knit buttonholes on kids knits using the yarn over method, so I decided to try out a few before placing the first of four 3-st buttonholes on this cardigan.

One Row Buttonhole

1 – Elizabeth Zimmermann’s one row buttonhole from Knitter’s Almanac without turning the work
2 – slipping the stitches knitwise (Hint du Jour by Bonne Marie - Buttonhole Version D)
3 – one row buttonhole, slipping stitches purlwise (video here)

I’m going to use Bonne Marie’s suggested buttonhole since it looks neat and sturdy.

This has been a really satisfying project thus far – the pattern has a nice rhythm to it and the yarn is knitting up beautifully, showcasing the elegant stitch pattern. I can’t wait to spend the weekend immersed in knitting my Ariann.



Blogger Penny said...

That's a beautiful color and I've heard great things about Beaverslide yarn, but never tried it myself. Thanks for the buttonhole examples! I hope to cast on for Ariann soon, I just have to finish up a couple of big projects first.

10:45 AM  

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