Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lengthening the body?

Hi all
I have finally started knitting this gorgeous pattern, and have a question re: lengthening the body? I'm not sure whether to do it before or after the decreases for waist shaping - ultimately, I'm going for the same look as Cara at January One's version, this is what sold me on the pattern in the first place!
Any help would be very gratefully appreciated!


Blogger Bonne Marie said...

Hey there! Welcome aboard!

I recommend adding the extra length you need right after the ribbing is finished, before you start shaping the sides.

Because the buttonholes are worked as you knit, if you put the extra rows elsewhere, you have to rework the rest of the sweater to accomodate that.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Saltwater purls said...

I second Bonne Maries comment. I added length but at the waist and the shaping would have been better if I had done it just above the ribbing, also my buttonholes I just spread them out more (in other words you definitely want a buttonhole on your widest body area (the chest).

hmmm clear as mud?

9:58 PM  

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