Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Hey everyone! So I started on Friday and I've been knitting like mad. I'm using Rowan Kid Classic for the first time and I love it! I don't have any pictures just yet though. I have the body done and I'm working on my first sleeve. I just realized tonight that I screwed up. I failed to do the first increase round on the sleeve - the one after the first 6 rounds for size 38, so I have a whole 16 inches done, but I'm 2 stitches short. So what would you do? I'm having a hard time thinking about ripping it all out! Will it really make that much difference?


Blogger Robin said...

On this project, with a gauge of almost 5 stitches to the inch, I personally wouldn't rip it out. As long as it's consistent (off one stitch each side) I think it would make almost no difference.

3:45 AM  
Blogger Bonne Marie said...

Hi Lauren! Believe me when I say, I've been there before...

[I would not froggit.] Did you try it on? The fit is probably ok, right?

BUT it is important to go into the sleeve top shaping with the correct amount of stitches, so you need those 2 stitches.

Since you have some length left to knit on that sleeve, make up that increase, depending on how many rows you have left to knit, approximately the same amount of rows from the last increase made as the others on the sleeve.

Also, make Sleeve #2 the same way as Sleeve #1. :)

4:05 AM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Wow, already on the sleeve! I feel like a slacker. :)

Hope you get it worked out easily :)

11:04 AM  

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