Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just Keep Knitting

I cast on for my Ariann last Friday night after doing my standard, but rudimentary swatching. I repurposed some Plymouth Galway in a heather that I bought last summer for Eris. I had started that sweater but never managed to get more than halfway through the collar. I figure if it was in that state for over year, it was best time to pronounce it and free the yarn for something else.

I hit gauge on the first try and am quite happy with the feel of the fabric. By Monday (I was home for the holiday) I got through the second buttonhole and last night managed the 4th increase.

The color of the yarn changes depending on the light, varying between a brown and a deep green. Makes photographing it quite an experience. This was taken on my rose colored pillowcase under the Ott light. The pattern is varied enough to prevent boredom but easy enough to memorize. Thanks Bonne Marie!

I ordered 40" cables from Knitpicks last night so I can magic loop the sleeves.


Blogger Saltwater purls said...

Wow....great progress! Hmmm I know the difficulties of photographying recalcitrant colours...

10:30 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I love the color. You're really cooking!

10:58 AM  
Blogger margene said...

You're making quick progress! Looks nice so far.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Bonne Marie said...

WOW! You are moving at the speed of light on this beauty -

8:47 PM  

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