Thursday, October 26, 2006

Question about raglan decreases.

I swear I really have knit a sweater before, just not one with holes in it. When we get to the raglan decreases, are we supposed to be decreasing 8 stitches each decrease row? I do okay for the first dec. rows, but then on the fourth row I start to lose more stitches than eight. Am I just supposed to do whatever it takes to make it only 8, like knit 2 instead of doing a ssk before the last 3 stitches? I don't know why I can't wrap my brain around this, I really feel dumb now.


Blogger Lyn said...

OK, I just read your 2nd post. Yes, each row (not including the neck shaping decreases) will decrease by 8 sts - 1 on either side of each marker, 4 markers. Think of the eyelet pattern as a 6-stitch pattern, instead of 12. If you don't have ALL 6 sts available due to your raglan dec, then just knit those sts. Don't ssk, K2tog, or YO. Any PATTERN dec must have it's corresponding YO, or your st count will be off. Does that help?

6:21 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Yes, that helps. I just went along blindy the first three times without even thinking about it. At least this time I only have to tink two rows! Thanks so much lyn!

7:37 AM  
Blogger TllGurl said...

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