Monday, December 11, 2006

I've learnt a lot.

I made a swatch and measured it up before blocking on the last Friday. I soaked the swatch in the warm temperature water for 20 minutes and then shaped it gently on a thick towel for blocking. After the swatch is dry, I measured it again... (I measured it pattern to pattern, not edge to edge.)

(Before blocking , it was 4 inches in width. Now it's 4 and 6/8 inches.)
The result of my try is that the blocking makes the swatch thinner than I expected and the eyelet pattern is properly open. All that happened to my swatch surprised me so much.
Any way... after blocking, my swatch got 15 percent bigger than one that was not blocked. It happened this time that I got 15 percent bigger but I don't know generality. So, if I want my fabric in a 33.5 inch size, I should have to keep my Ariann body at least 14.5 inches in width before blocking. It means... I have to start all over again.
I think this time, it was worth to make a try. I'm now satisfied myself that I did something incorrect.
OK., I will start Ariann newly!
Are there anybody else to join me??
I THANK YOU ALL so much for kind help.


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