Monday, March 26, 2007

Arianne JR?

I've been planning on a 2nd Arianne ever since I finished the 1st - this time in a 3/4 sleeve version with a less-warm yarn (the 1st is Alpaca.) I started a sleeve with Rowan Summer Tweed, but not only are there gauge issues, I'm finding the yarn's lack of elasticity is making my hands hurt! Any suggestion? Has anyone made this as a spring sweater? Lyn

Sunday, March 25, 2007

In the home stretch

I think, though I 'm not certain, that this blob of knitting may indeed become a sweater. I know from my swatching that she will be markedly improved with some blocking.

I'm about two inches or so from the front collar shaping and am very much enjoying the rapid decreasing at this point. The rows seemed soooo long after joining all the pieces together.

I may be reporting an FO within the week. I have a fair bit of "will it fit" anxiety, but will try to chill out. I ended up with five buttonholes rather than four, more due to my poor planning than anything else. They are at least evenly spaced.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Ariann is here!

I am happy to report that Ariann is finally finished and I believe this might be my best sweater.
First, I would like to thank Bonne Marie and you all for your encouragement to me!

Even though I've tried hard to pay attention to all of the details until every thing is done, I really enjoyed this project. She turns out well!

I once started all the body part over again. It was sad... I felt a setback rising often but I really wanted to complete this sweater so I could escape from giving up this project somehow...
The point I attentively worked was to adjust the size to one that I needed. It was quite hard to me. I blocked her carefully but I'm not sure that this sweater fits me nicely yet.

This weekend was spent working on Ariann. This project takes a very long time. It didn't work as planned. Yes, I put it aside for a while several times and re-work it later when I'm less frustrated with the project because I've busied myself in working. But I enjoyed working on Ariann so much. I've learnt a lot from this pattern.

The only change to the pattern I made to fit my taste and body was the length of body and needle size. I knit the pattern exactly as written, so I ended up with a shorter version. It's just about perfect sweater length for me.

It's been already high temperature here in California in the daytime.. Ariann seems to miss a golden opportunity for a debut.

and I'm "behinder"

I was sailing along on the first sleeve and almost finished with it when I noticed a mistake that I can't live with waaaaay back near the beginning, so it's ripping out and starting over time. Fortunately, this is a relaxing and enjoyable knit, so I'm being pretty philosophical about it. :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Behind

My second sleeve waits patiently as I am continually interrupted at lunch. I'm not going to make my deadline of March 14th I'm afraid. I had hoped to debut this at the Grand Canyon - the color would have been perfect. I'll look for some alone time this weekend, add the plane ride and maybe...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ariann Continues

I got disgusted with the sleeve for Ariann, and set it aside to begin working on the body. I kept doing increases on the sleeve, but the stitch count stayed the same. Think I was trying to work the pattern into the sleeve, and not having paired increases and decreases. Whatever.The sleeve is back to a few inches. The body is a little past the first decreases. I had a hard time getting those daffodils to pose. I also had a hard time getting that Addi circ's cable to cooperate.